How we work

Int13 Consulting's service approach, encapsulated in our 'crawl, walk, run' methodology, is focused on deeply understanding and aligning with each client's unique business needs, forming the basis for a trusted, long-term partnership and continuous collaboration.

How We Work: Tailored Staff Augmentation for Your Unique Needs

At Int13 Consulting, we understand that every business has its unique challenges and requirements, especially when it comes to expanding capabilities and expertise in specific areas of practice. That’s why we adopt a personalized, phased approach to staff augmentation, ensuring we align closely with your business objectives and seamlessly integrate with your team to drive success.

Our Three-Phase Approach to Staff Augmentation

  1. Crawl - Understanding and Integration: Our journey begins with a deep dive into your business, focusing on the areas where you seek to augment your staff. We assess your current challenges, long-term goals, and the specific expertise required to elevate your team’s capabilities. This phase is about laying a solid foundation and ensuring our augmented staff can integrate smoothly and effectively.

  2. Walk - Strategic Alignment and Planning: With a thorough understanding of your needs, we transition to aligning our staff augmentation strategy with your business objectives. This involves detailed planning on how our experts can best contribute to your projects, including setting clear milestones, outcomes, and integration points with your existing team.

  3. Run - Implementation and Collaboration: In the final phase, our augmented professionals become an active part of your team, working collaboratively to achieve the set objectives. We focus on delivering high-quality results, maintaining open communication, and adapting our approach as your project evolves to ensure success.

Beyond a Single Project: A Partnership for Growth

  • Extended Team Member: We view our engagement with you as more than a temporary solution; we become an extension of your team. Our commitment is to your ongoing success, providing the right expertise exactly when and where you need it.

  • Trusted Business Partner: Our aim is to establish a long-term partnership, becoming a reliable source of expertise and support as your business grows and your needs evolve. We’re here to offer continuous strategic guidance and skilled personnel to help you navigate future challenges.

At Int13 Consulting, we’re dedicated to more than just fulfilling project requirements; we’re committed to becoming an integral part of your team’s success, providing tailored staff augmentation solutions that help you excel in your specific areas of practice.

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