Empower Your Team with Expert IT Augmentation

Extend your capabilities, not your workload. Int13 offers tailored staff augmentation services that integrate seamlessly into your existing operations, providing the specialized IT expertise you need, exactly when you need it. From cloud solutions to collaboration tools and beyond, we’re here to help your business excel without the overhead of expanding your in-house team. Let us be the strength behind your IT strategy, offering flexibility, expertise, and solutions designed for your unique challenges.

Our Areas of Practice

At Int13 Consulting, we offer a bespoke suite of services tailored to propel your digital transformation, streamline your cloud and VoIP communications, bolster your cybersecurity, and craft custom software solutions for seamless integration and innovation.


Microsoft Teams

We empower businesses with comprehensive Microsoft Teams services, streamlining your transition to Microsoft Teams. From meticulous planning and automated deployment to custom integrations and ongoing support, our expert team ensures a seamless migration and efficient management of Microsoft Teams. We tailor our services to meet your unique business needs, enabling you to harness the full potential of Microsoft Teams for your organization.

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Cyber Security

We provide a range of services to help protect against cyber threats. These services include virtual CISO services, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, threat intelligence, incident response planning, and more. We also provide ongoing monitoring and management of your cybersecurity measures, ensuring that they are up-to-date and effective in the face of evolving threats.

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Cloud Services

Int13 Consulting elevates your cloud journey, navigating the complexities of Azure, GCP, AWS, and VMWare to architect robust and scalable cloud solutions. We prioritize your business needs, ensuring a seamless and strategic deployment that not only fits your operational demands but also optimizes costs and performance.

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At Int13, we pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI and machine learning. Our team is constantly exploring and integrating new technologies and cutting-edge techniques to ensure that our clients have access to the most advanced solutions available on the market. This relentless pursuit of excellence allows us to deliver unparalleled value and drive significant improvements in our clients' operations.

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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation with Int13 Consulting is not just about staying competitive; it's about reinventing your business operations for the digital era. We enable seamless transitions with robust virtual desktop solutions and comprehensive endpoint management, ensuring your workforce is agile, connected, and secure wherever they are. Let us guide your journey to digital excellence, unlocking new potentials for growth and innovation.

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Software Development

At Int13 Consulting, we craft custom software solutions that bridge the gap between your current operations and innovative digital trends. Whether it's integrating Microsoft Dynamics with your BSS/OSS, leveraging the Microsoft Graph API to enrich your CRM, or unifying disparate systems into one cohesive platform, we turn complex challenges into streamlined, functional applications. Bring us your boldest ideas, and our team will transform them into reality.

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"Int13 Consulting was pivotal in our transition to the cloud. Their expertise in large-scale cloud migration streamlined our move to a more flexible and scalable environment, resulting in enhanced performance and significant cost savings. Their team's precision and dedication made a complex process seem effortless." - Steve M. - AVP, Financial Services Organization


"The virtual CISO services from Int13 Consulting provided us with the robust security framework we needed. Their guidance through the SOC2 certification was invaluable." - Paul A. - President, Internet Service Provider

"Our Microsoft Teams integration was seamless, thanks to Int13. They connected our remote teams with a level of professionalism and ease that exceeded our expectations." - Kiera M., Chief Technology Officer

"The custom software solution provided by Int13 was a perfect fit for our business. They understood our vision and executed it flawlessly, integrating our disparate systems into a single, efficient workflow." - Chris H. - President, Systems Integrator

"Int13's approach to AI and chatbots transformed our customer service. The efficiency gains and customer satisfaction improvements have been remarkable." - Lila J., Director of Product Development

"When it came to VoIP, Int13 knew exactly how to deliver. Their work with Metaswitch and Asterisk provided us with a reliable and sophisticated telephony system that has been a major asset to our operations." - Priya K., Head of Innovation and Technology

"Int13 Consulting was a game-changer for our cloud migration. Their expertise made the transition to Azure smooth and painless, with zero downtime. Truly exceptional service!" - Damon S., Vice President of Engineering

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